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The purpose of this book is to highlight in images and stories the experiences of multicultural and multiracial people and families who originated through the Peace Corps experience.  It is also to build community and to increase awareness more broadly about intercultural bridging and identities.

I am really passionate about storytelling and how it can create social change.

  • Storytelling builds community

  • Storytelling is empowering and healing for the storyteller

  • Storytelling builds empathy across differences​


  • This process is an opportunity to reflect individually and together with your family. 

  • Storytellers have ultimate control over the story. Nothing will be published without full (and enthusiastic) consent by the people whom the story is about. 

  • We are co-creators of these stories and are flexible in our role. We can be in a supportive role or be the principal writer.  

storytelling options

  • In writing: the book project team provides prompts and topic ideas and you submit what you would like to share in writing with your favorite and most meaningful photos. If more than one person from a family submits, PCK can weave written pieces together (or you can!)

  • Interviews

    • A member of the book project team can interview individuals (one or more in a family); groups within a family (e.g. siblings, parents); or the whole family together.

    • Families could interview each other (like StoryCorps). Julie suggests questions or topics; family records the conversation and sends audio file to Julie. (You could also upload it through the Story Corps app and have it be saved in the national archives.) 

    • If you are interested in interviewing other Peace Corps Kids or families, let me know. I would be happy to have other people collecting stories. 

themes and topics

Some of the themes that I have heard from Peace Corps Kids and their families are described below. Your story could be related to one of these themes or something totally different. 

  • PCKs: How has being a PCK shaped you/influenced your values, life and/or career path Julian; Commitment to public or community service; Joining the Peace Corps; International work.

  • PCK Pilgrimages or family journeys to countries of origin: The first time you as a PCK traveled to or lived in the country where one of your parents are from. The first time you took your kids to the country where you were born and raised. (Lena and Heidi’s, Lulu’s)

  • Bridging and connecting across cultural differences: Stories of how you met your spouse and stories that reflect the challenges and joys of being in an intercultural marriage; stories of bridging within one’s extended family or community.

  • Societal challenges: Personal experiences that have been challenging that relate to identity, cultural differences, racial discrimination. From the perspective of a person of color as well as what a non-POC may have learned by their spouse’s experiences. (Ex: Mariah’s and El Hadji's story, Olivia and Nyla’s)

  • Belonging: Stories of how you or your family have found community (Julie’s PCK video)

  • Intercultural marriages/relationships: How did you and your spouse meet? How are your differences your strengths? When have your differences been challenging? How did you overcome them? Humor is welcome! (No published examples yet)

  • Intercultural family businesses or endeavors

Pilgrimages Digital storytelling project

More details coming soon! 
4 Julie and Erica.jpe

At some point in a Peace Corps Kids life, they take a special trip to better understand and connect with their roots. For PCKs who grow up in the US, this means traveling to the country where one of their parents was born and raised, where one half of their extended family lives, and where their parents met. For some PCKs, it also means meeting one of their parents for the first time me and for many PCK's. I have talked with, this is a transformational experience. 


If you would like to create a digital story about your PCK pilgrimage, please reach out. Here is a digital story that talks about why I started Peace Corps Kids. Check it out to get a sense what a digital story can look and feel like. All you need is a story that is meaningful to you and some pictures of your time there. 

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