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What is peace corps kids? 


This project's story

The seed for this project was planted during a long train ride through the Andes mountains. I was stretching my legs in the area between cars and started chatting with another young woman. Turned out she also was visiting family in Perú and getting to know the country. Her mother was Peruvian and father an RPCV, like mine. We spent the rest of the train ride (hours) talking and realized we had a lot of common interests like cultural anthropology and intercultural education.
This experience made a really big impression on me. In the subsequent years as I reflected on my identity, my values, and how I came to be the person that I am, I realized that the story of how important to all of that is the story of how my parents met. The idea that there are thousands of us with shared experiences, values and mixed identities who are intimately connected to different countries throughout the world is inspiring to me. I am so very interested and curious to hear your stories and how it shapes Peace Corps Kids.

Julie early sifuentes

Peace Corps Kid, Peru


The purpose of Peace Corps Kids is to create a network for those of us who come from multicultural, multiracial, immigrant families that were brought together through the Peace Corps experience. 


Creating connections and building community is foundational to this group.  Let's learn about each other by sharing and listening to each other's stories. 

BUILD intercultural BRIDGES

This is at the heart of the Peace Corps and increasingly needed in our divided world. Peace Corps Kids believes that those of us who have roots and identities in different parts of the world have an innate capacity to build bridges across differences.


Being a Peace Corps Kid exposed me to extreme disparities in health and wealth and instilled in me the value of inclusivity. We want to support the work that you, the Peace Corps and other organizations are doing to this end.
If you have ideas of strategies and goals and would like to be a part of developing the project further, please reach out. 

We are an official National Peace Corps Association affiliate group. The NPCA is the nonprofit alumni association at the center of a vibrant Peace Corps community. Our affiliation keeps us connected to the broader community! Click on the logo to learn more about the NPCA. 

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