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SHARE Your story

Stories are a great way to build community and foster empathy about social issues. We really hope that there are some (many) of you out there that would like to share yours. Here are some different ways you can do that.



Share your story for the Book Project  

Be a guest blogger and write your own story.
Be a part of the Pilgrimages project and create and share a digital story. 

Peace Corps Kids: We are curious about your life, interests, passions, and path. How do you think being a Peace Corps Kid has influenced all of these things? How have you connected with your roots? Have you taken a Peace Corps Kids Pilgrimage? 

Peace Corps Parents: We are interested in your life, interests, passions and path. How did you meet your partner? What are the joys and challenges of being part of an intercultural family? What are some issues you are grappling with as a parent and what has helped you? How do you nurture your children's connection to their multiple heritages? 

Join FB

Follow peace corps kids

Join our Facebook group where you can connect with Peace Corps Kids and PCK parents who are connected to every part of the world. You can share family pictures and milestone within this private group

If you are not a PCK or PCK parent you can follow us on Instagram or follow our Facebook page to see stories and articles about multicultural and multiracial experiences and to keep up with PCK activities. 

Join Team
Join the team

If you are a Peace Corps Kid or a parent of one and are excited about the idea of being part of a team who is creating something new, please reach out. 

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